philosophy and social criticism

Frammenti critici – 1

Luciano Parinetto contends that this dilemma on which Marx andnEngels impale Christianity is but a version of another, more theological predicament in which, for them, Christianity is irretrievably implicated. For Marx, Parinetto asserts, Christianity must always pose the question of God in opposition to the question of man, for “what one gives to God one must take away from humans” [Luciano Parinetto, “The Legend of Marx’s Atheism“, Telos, n. 58, 1983-84]. Given that choice – between God and man, between the transcendent otherworldly and the this-worldly and historical, between religion and politics, between the projection of an alien being and the doctrine of the self-creation of man by man – Marx, Parinetto says, “saw no choice but to opt for humanity.”

[Denys Turner, Religion: Illusions and liberation in The Cambridge Companion to Marx, Terrell Carver (ed.), Cambridge University press, Cambridge 1991, pp-329-320].